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City of Atlanta, Clean Water Atlanta Project
Atlanta, Georgia
EGSci provided on-call geophysical services in support of the City of Atlanta’s sewer system rehabilitation project under Clean Water Atlanta. Services included monitoring construction vibrations near existing structures and ground penetrating radar investigations to assist in the location of buried sewer manholes and potential subsurface voids beneath roads related to leaking sewer lines.

DeKalb County Drainage System Investigation

DeKalb County, Georgia
EGSci managed and led field personnel for a subsurface utility exploration for a drainage system project at various locations throughout the county. Data was collected, analyzed and reported utilizing ground penetrating radar, radar frequency detection and magnetometer methods to detect utilities.

Gwinnett County New Water Line Installation

Gwinnett County, Georgia
EGSci conducted a seismic refraction investigation in support of a jack and bore project for installing a new water line along McGinnis Ferry Road. The interpreted seismic refraction data was used to map stratigraphy across a stream and the adjacent banks that was the target of the jack and bore project. The interpreted seismic refraction data was used as a supplement to the geotechnical investigation which had only limited access to the site on one side of the stream.

Walton County Proposed Dam Location

Walton County, Georgia
A geophysical investigation was conducted in conjunction with a geotechnical investigation as part of the site characterization for a proposed dam. Data collected consisted of Seismic Refraction and MASW that were used to map the depth to rock and determine the seismic classification.

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