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Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) - Multiple Projects
Atlanta, Georgia
EGSci is the prime contractor’s geotechnical/geophysical consultant on a 5-year on-call contract. Responsibilities include managing and supervising subcontractors and drilling activities, assigning and analyzing geophysical investigations, sewer camera surveys, utility mapping surveys, performing engineering analysis, engineering recommendations, preparation of final reports for geotechnical and geophysical services. Select project highlights include, though certainly not limited to:

MARTA Brady Bus Facility Expansion and Renovation: Implemented Seismic Refraction and Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) data to help characterize the sub-surface conditions at the site and determine seismic classification.

MARTA Redding Rd Track Ballast Settlement Investigation: GPR data was collected and then correlated with collected ballast/soil samples in order to provide a ballast thickness plot and identify other areas with potential adverse conditions.

MARTA Buckhead Station Bridge Addition: Mapped subsurface utilities at an active rail station for inclusion in the construction design of a bridge to the station. Collected data implementing GPR, RF detection and magnetometer methods.

MARTA Redding Rd Slope Monitoring: EGSci collected inclinometer data from wells installed on an embankment adjacent to the MARTA rail to monitor potential slope movement.

Hartsfield-Jackson International Terminal
Atlanta, Georgia
EGSci performed ground penetrating radar investigation to determine the presence of and depth of reinforcement steel in newly laid concrete slabs. This information was used as proof to government agencies that the concrete slab was constructed to code.


Georgia Department of Transportation
Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia Department of Transportation, Atlanta, GA: EGSci conducted depth to bedrock studies using seismic refraction tomography for an interstate interchange expansion project located at I-75 & I-285.


Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County
Tennessee Department of Water Services, Nashville, Tennessee

EGSci provided geotechnical services pertaining to the installation and monitoring of geotechnical instrumentation for monitoring ground movement and groundwater conditions along a proposed alignment, including secant shaft locations and auger boring jacking and receiving shafts.

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