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Centers For Disease Control NDT Investigation
Atlanta, GA
EGSci managed and performed data analysis for a non-destructive testing (NDT) investigation to map the approximate rebar location and thickness of existing concrete slabs and to locate possible utilities under the slabs using GPR.

Centers for Disease Control New Water Line Installation

Dekalb County, Georgia
EGSci conducted a seismic refraction investigation near Clifton and Briarcliff Roads in support of a proposed water line installation. The interpreted seismic refraction data was used to map stratigraphy along the road right of way to assist in the construction design of the new water line.

Northside Hospital Operating Room Non-Destructive Testing

Atlanta, Georgia
EGSci performed rebar mapping services in a newly constructed hospital operating room using GPR and pulse induction methods. The collected data was documented and used as proof to government agencies that the operating room was constructed to building code. The operating room was in operation, so the work had to be performed during the weekend when no operations were scheduled and required a flexible schedule to accommodate unscheduled operating room needs.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta proposed a new Children's Hospital at the Hughes Spalding Campus. The geophysical investigation services provided by EGSci on this project were the use of non destructive testing utilizing the Impact Echo method to determine the approximate center of augercast piles located under existing pile caps.

Emory Hospital Medical Clinic Condition Assessment

Atlanta, Georgia
In this multi-phase project, EGSci performed detailed rebar mapping using non-destructive and intrusive sampling methods on concrete columns, slabs, and beams, as well as performing detailed foundation mapping on column foundations. This forensic investigation was used to determine the as-built conditions of the structure to properly design for additional load on the structure for renovation

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