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Geotechnical Engineering

EGSci provides full-time geotechnical field engineering services in addition to evaluating all data obtained, performing engineering analyses related to general site conditions, bearing capacities, soil uplift resistance, recommended types of suitable foundations, and other geotechnical aspects of construction. The subsurface exploration program provides the basis for development of foundation design criteria and other geotechnical recommendations.

We are continuously expanding our geographic capability and welcome the opportunity to grow with the needs of our clients. Our key staff currently hold professional licenses in 43 states across the United States. Our company has conducted investigations, foundation mapping and geotechnical services in several states across the U.S., with new states being added each year.

Geotechnical Engineering Analysis Include:
• Subsurface Investigations by Test Borings, Test Pits, etc.
• Laboratory Testing of Soil, Rock, & Geosynthetic Materials (outsourced)
• Settlement
• Bearing Capacity
• Slope Stability
• Lateral Earth Pressures
• Deep Foundation Capacity
• Quality Control of Foundation and Earthwork Construction
• Forensic Analysis of Geotechnical Failures
• Expert Witness Testimony

Formulation of Recommendations for Design & Construction of:
• Shallow and Deep Foundations
• Earthwork
• Pavement Assessment
• Retaining Walls
• Groundwater Control


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