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EGSci's environmental services benefit businesses, communities and the health of the planet. Assessing, remediating, and preserving the environment are essential to making the world safe for our and future generations.

EGSci can help reduce environmental management costs while minimizing business risks and environmental liabilities as well as look for opportunities to convert liabilities into assets.


Phase I ESA
EGSci conducts Phase I ESAs to meet CERCLA objectives and in accordance to the ASTM E 1527-13 and the EPA’s Final Rule (40 CFR Part 312, Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries)

Phase II ESA
• Soil, Groundwater, and Surface Water Sampling, Testing & Analysis
• Buried Drum and Tank Detection and Location
• Contamination Determination and Delineation
• Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation
• Independent Chemical Laboratory Testing
• Environmental Services Reporting


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