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Major “Big Box” Retailer Karst Investigation
Ft. Oglethorpe, Georgia
Ground penetrating radar and electromagnetics were utilized to investigate potential karst features within the underlying rock at a proposed store.

Grocery Store Void Detection

Tannehill, Alabama
During construction of a new grocery store in Tannehill, AL it was discovered that voids existed under the floor slab. EGSci conducted a comprehensive ground penetrating radar (GPR) investigation in order to locate any additional areas that may have voids present immediately under the floor slab. In addition, interpreted GPR data was also used to locate several electrical junction boxes that had been mistakenly covered with concrete when the floor slab was installed.

Wal-Mart Karst Investigation

Pinson, Alabama
EGSci provided geophysical services in support of the construction of a proposed new Wal-Mart Super Center in Pinson, AL. Due to the common occurrence of karst features in the area, EGSci conducted an extensive geophysical investigation in order to detect and locate any potential karst features in the area of interest. The geophysical investigation consisted of ground penetrating radar and electrical resistivity imaging.

Fast Food Chain Corporate Headquarters Blast Monitoring

College Park, Georgia
During construction of a building on the campus of a corporate headquarters in College Park, Georgia, shallow bedrock was encountered that required blasting to remove. EGSci performed vibration monitoring at the adjacent buildings to detect and monitor vibrations that could potentially cause damage to these buildings.


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